No matter how you look at it, moving is stressful. Many seniors put off the decision to move simply because it seems so overwhelming. What’s going to fit in my new place? Where should I move? How do I physically get my things there? What do I do with what doesn’t fit? What do I do with the things I don’t need or want?

Imagine simplifying your entire transition with the help of a team of experts that respects your lifestyle, values, and wishes. A team that knows how to help your things fit in a new space.

Senior Move Management

Silver Service can help you take the memories with you and leave the headaches behind. We understand the spectrum of emotions, upheaval, and concerns when making the move to a new home. We also know that many adult children may be too far away or unable to be a full-time helper in the moving process. Think of Silver Service as your coordinator for all the extra details that most moving companies don’t handle; space planning at your new location, right-sizing what you keep in your household, and considerate, respectful liquidation of those items that won’t be needed in your new home.

Our team also communicates with family members, social workers, caregivers, and estate lawyers to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible. We’re confident that Silver Service is the solution for your move. We want you to be confident, too. We’ve earned the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for high ethics and standards of business excellence. Owner Katrina Ranieri is an active member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers and the American Society of Estate Liquidators. Our commitment to excellence means we continue to learn and improve our services to better serve our clients. We know we are handling more than your possessions; we are handling your memories too. We also assist with preparations for selling your home by helping you connect with professionals to prepare and sell your home.

We take care of the following for our Senior Move clients:

Floor Planning

The key to a smooth move is taking the guesswork out of what will fit. Is the sofa too big? Where will you put the cedar chest? Our floor planning service eliminates the expense and frustration of moving furniture only to discover there’s not enough room. In short, we "measure twice and move once." Whether you are moving to a new residence, or rearranging your current home to accommodate mobility needs such as walkers or wheelchairs, a floor plan provides a layout with efficiency, safety, and comfort in mind.


You maybe be wondering how to sort through decades of possessions. Or what do you do with the items that won’t fit at the new residence? Silver Service creates a plan that integrates your most precious furnishings and possessions into your new home. We work with you through the decision-making process by helping you decide on the items that you need and love and what to do with everything else.

Packing and Unpacking

It’s difficult to know where to start, especially for those who have been in their home for many years. Our team will make sure you have the proper supplies for wrapping and protecting your valuables. We will carefully and respectfully pack and label your belongings. We also help coordinate moving services and are present on moving day to ensure a trouble-free transition. We even work with your moving crew to supervise the loading and unloading. While you relax, we will unpack everything and remove all the trash and boxes.Enter your text here...

Setup and Decorate

As we unpack, we will set up your kitchen and bathroom, organize your closet, make your bed, hang your pictures, and arrange your decor to give you that instant, at-home feel. By day’s end you can expect to enjoy a relaxing evening in your new home that has been expertly unpacked and arranged. No desperate search for the coffee maker the next morning.

Aging in Place Consulting

Sometimes a move isn’t desired or necessary, but some changes are needed in the current home. We offer consultations to help modify your living spaces and declutter as needed to fit your needs.


Our goal is to work with our clients to make their living arrangements as easy and simple as possible, helping to not only create a simplified living environment, but also a safer space to live in at home.

As you approach the prospect of modifying your living arrangements, one of the questions to consider would be: 1. What do you want your legacy to be? 2. What do you want your children/loved ones to think about when they go through your belongings after you are gone? 3. Consider the joy you can have now by gifting items with special memory or value to your children/grandchildren. We work with you through the decision-making process by helping to decide on the items that you need and love.


We don’t clients do anything they don’t want to do. We start in a room that you don’t use as often and work from there. We ask these questions: How much of these do you think you need? How long has it been since you used or wore this item? We try to use an objective view and approach to things. This is different than an organizer.

Our goal is to eliminate half of what a person has, keeping only those things that they are using or can use. Then we get rid of the things you don’t need. We begin with rooms that aren’t used often and work to build a relationship with you. Then we move to rooms that may have more of an emotional connection. For example, we open the door to a closest, take everything out and then return only the things that are needed. We remove duplicates of items. We focus on what you need at this life stage, and we remove the things you don’t. We strive to make it fun!


Organizing is easy once we have helped you declutter, and everything seems to fall into place. We learn how you use the remaining items and put them where they can be easily accessed

Donate and Gift

As we identify items that aren’t needed, we organize donations to local charities and gifts for family members. If there are enough other items, we help you sell them.

Estate Liquidation

Estate and Moving Sales

Silver Service has a strong reputation in the estate sale community. We are proud that customers love our estate sales and regularly give us positive feedback. Clients also love how well their items are presented in our sales.

Moving from a home of 20 or more years to a new, smaller residence creates a challenge for any family. We help homeowners decide which possessions will be donated to charity or gifted to family members and identify those available for an estate liquidation sale. Our staff is experienced in structuring your sale for the best outcome. 

Some of our sales are in-person and some are online. Number and variety of large and small items available to sell, location, and parking determine which type of sale we think will work best for each client. Once the details and services are agreed upon, a contract is signed, and we take care of everything.

Sorting and Staging

The first step in our process is to sort through items and re-arrange to provide the best viewing. We clean certain items as necessary, but we do not clean the house. We request the client provide a clean environment for the sale with working plumbing and air conditioning and heating. We sort out items that are under a dollar or that are broken/damaged. We pride ourselves on having beautiful sales so that we can optimize the value of your items and bring you the best price.

Marketing and Selling

Great photographs are the key to marketing our client’s items. After staging a house for the sale, our team will schedule a time to take photographs of items to be sold. Promotion and marketing of the sale usually begins as soon as the house is being staged for the sale. We promote sales through EstateSales.Net, Facebook, Instagram,and our Silver Service email list on Constant Contact. The best part is that you will have your check within ten business days.

Clear Out

Clear outs take place after an online or in person sale. But they also can happen as a standalone service. During a clear out, the estate is liquidated so that the house can be listed for sale. We will clear all contents that the family doesn’t want and box them up, distribute to charities, or sell them, depending on the requests of the client.

After an estate sale, items that don’t sell will be donated. We regularly provide items to local charities such as Paws Humane, Valley Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, etc.