Why Are Millennials Rejecting Prized Family Possessions?

Full article publish on Observer.com –08/23/17 7:45am

As a verb, “konmari”—the life-changing technique of decluttering, as proselytized by Marie Kondo—may well suffer the same fate as the adjective “metrosexual.” Go on, try to recall the last time someone dropped that into casual conversation. But as an idea, it may also enjoy the same future: silent ubiquity in our culture. After all, we live in a world where male grooming industry sales now rake in $50 billion annually. So what does a culture where konmari has been internalized look like?

According to senior citizens, it looks like a culture where nobody wants their stuff. For the past few years, there’s at least one article a year wherein downsizing baby boomers are shocked (shocked!) that their children and grandchildren do not want their generously-offered possessions.

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